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In advanced countries such as England, France, etc… The prenuptial agreement is almost mandatory. “Romantic love, clear marriage” is the common opinion of young people in Western countries. We are pleased to provide you with our Prenuptial agreement with Vietnamese people drafting service. Let’s find out in this article with LSX Law firm.

When reading the book “Think Big to Succeed” by the former US President Donald Trump; he wrote a whole chapter called “I love you, please sign this!”. In this chapter, there is a part that is as follows:

“I have seen many people pushed to the bottom just because they did not have a prenuptial contract. Honestly, if I didn’t have prenuptial agreements with Ivana and Marla, I would be empty-handed by now. But fortunately, it was the prenuptial agreements that kept me from losing ridiculous amounts of money. Without it, my company might not be where it is now, and I might lose everything.”

Donald Trump always advises that no matter the situation, a couple always needs a contract. Reality proves that thanks to such clear contracts; the former US President retains a large amount of property after many divorces. 

1. Correct understanding of the prenuptial agreement” or “prenuptial contract”

It is an agreement that has existed since ancient Greece. This will be a “contract” recording agreements on common property; separation of property; debts of each person; even delineating rights and obligations related to children later. Of course, this type of contract will be completely different from prenuptial agreements with the purpose of concealing illegal acts such as: human trafficking, illegal immigration, money laundering. Prenuptial agreements are still too new for young people – especially young people in Vietnam.

However, through recent love-marriage events such as the trillion-dollar divorce of Trung Nguyen Coffee King, the existence of a premarital contract to determine property is absolutely vital. Coming up with  a prenuptial agreement does not mean that you do not trust your girlfriend or boyfriend, but to simply avoid trouble when there is an unfortunate dispute in the future. I believe that Mr. Vu and Ms. Thao also wished that they had a prenuptial agreement so as not to spend too much time, effort and unnecessary expense at the moment.

In the book “Think Big for Success”, President Donald Trump once said: “I recommend getting a prenuptial agreement, it’s not about whether you trust your partner or not, it’s just that it avoids trouble later on.” Vietnamese law allows a couple to agree on a prenuptial agreement, of course this contract must ensure a specific limit to the contents and especially not for illegal purposes such as: what I mentioned above.  

2. Prenuptial agreement with Vietnamese people according to Vietnamese law

Although a prenuptial contract is a relatively new thing for Vietnamese young people, in fact, Vietnamese law has provisions and implicit recognition of documents. this. Specifically, Article 47 of the Law on Marriage and Family 2014 has the following contents:

Article 47. Agreement to establish the property regime of husband and wife

In case two married parties choose the property regime as agreed, This agreement must be made before the marriage, in the form of a notarized or authenticated document. The property regime of husband and wife under the agreement is established from the date of marriage registration. Thus, before getting married, the couple will be able to reach an agreement on the choice of property regime, the division of common and separate property in the form of a notarized document. This contract will take effect from the date the two people “get married in the ward”. It can be seen that other issues related to moral rights, the right to care for and raise children are not agreed upon for the purpose of infringing or depriving this right.

But think more positively, if the two people signed a written agreement on the property regime before the marriage, this is similar to the “pre-marital medical examination”. It’s not that you don’t trust your partner’s physical health, but a physical examination will help you mentally stabilize, timely detect systemic diseases in general as well as reproductive pathologies in particular, affecting your health problems, sex, and childbirth.

3. Benefits of the prenuptial agreement with Vietnamese people

There are many people who think that the prenuptial agreement is only for the “Sugar daddies and babies” couples – This is not entirely true. Anyone can make a prenuptial contract for their own, the prenuptial agreement will bring many great benefits such as those listed below:

Dividing “your money – my money”

The highest purpose of a prenuptial agreement is the division of the common property regime before and after the marriage. Talking about Donald Trump again, he once wrote in his book: “It is not fair that the husband works 18 hours a day for many years and the wife does absolutely nothing. But when going to court, the wife demanded all the money earned by the husband.” Surely many people have also witnessed and cannot help but feel sorry for the emaciated image of Britney Spears after her divorce from Kevin Federline.

However, fortunately for the “pop queen” when thanks to the pre-nuptial contract, she did not lose too much property to the “gold miner” named Kevin. Of course, the prenuptial agreement will be suitable for those who have a relatively stable and stable income. The division of property will help its intended owner focus on developing his or her own property; properly building it with the common property as well as the obligations of taking care of the family.

Avoiding property disputes in marriage

Of course in love, people don’t come together for quality, but in reality, money is the source of many breakups. Therefore, making a clear financial distinction before marriage is the way to minimize the risk of money conflicts. And prenuptial agreement with Vietnamese people helps you with this problem.  

As a basis for quick divorce settlement

No matter how beautiful and romantic the love is, we can’t tell in advance whether divorce will happen or not. As you know, when it comes to resolving divorce cases, the main cause of time delay; sometimes divorces up to 5 years, is about property division. The divorce case of Mr. Vu and Mrs. Thao is a typical example of a lot of press coverage.

I believe that when there is no more affection and common direction; you will want to get rid of it as quickly as possible; having a prenuptial agreement is like a kind of “insurance”. The separation of property in advance helps the court quickly resolve the divorce and reduces the divorce court fee. Because when there is a dispute, the court fee depends on the % of the assessed value of the dispute.

4. Prenuptial agreement with Vietnamese people drafting service

Our Prenuptial agreement with Vietnamese drafting service will help customers have a basic understanding of the law about married life after marriage and give legal opinions to eliminate unnecessary risks. Lawyer X provides Prenuptial agreement with Vietnamese people drafting service for you to avoid complications and preserve property when an unfortunate dispute occurs.

Finally, hope this article is useful for you. If you need any further information, please contact  LSX Law firm+84846175333 or Email: [email protected]

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