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Procedure to change driving license for foreign tourists in Vietnam

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Circular 12/2017/TT-BGTVT

Circular 38/2019/TT-BGTVT

Then Circular 01/2021/TT-BGTVT

Circular 188/2016/TT-BTC

Procedure to change driving license for foreign tourists in Vietnam

Step 1: Prepare documents

The driver needs to prepare 01 set of documents including:

Firstly, application for change of driving license according to the form

Secondly, the translation of the foreign driver’s license into Vietnamese is guaranteed by the translation quality of the notary agency or the Embassy or Consulate in Vietnam where the translator works; stamped adjacent to the copy. driving license

Thirdly a certified copy of the entry and exit list of the Ministry of Public Security or a copy of the passport; including the passport number, full name and photo of the person granted; the expiry date and the entry visa page to Vietnam;

Finally, 01 color photo of size 3 cm x 4 cm with blue background, type of identity card or citizen identification card.

Step 2: Submit your application

Drivers can choose one of two ways to apply:

  • Firstly, submit application directly at the Department of Transport.
  • Secondy, submit application by post.

Step 3: Pay the fee

The individual submitting the application directly is responsible for fulfilling the obligation to pay the driver license fee; when receiving the application as prescribed.

According to Circular 188/2016/TT-BTC, the driver license renewal fee is 135,000 VND/time

Step 4: Get the result

Accordingly, time limit for settlement: 05 working days from the date of receipt of complete and valid dossiers.

Then, the payment of driver’s license is done at the application-receiving agency. When coming to receive the driver’s license; the driver presents the originals of the above documents (except for the originals sent) for comparison.

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Procedure to change driver’s license for foreigners in Vietnam

Foreigners take driver’s license test in Vietnam

Accordingly, Foreigners who are residing or working or studying in Vietnam for three months; or more (confirmed by a competent authority) can attend and take the driving license exam.

So, according to the provisions in Article 8 of Circular 46 and Clause 1; Article 60 of the Road Traffic Law, which stipulates who can participate in the test for a driving license in Vietnam:

  • So, as Vietnamese citizens, foreigners allowed to reside or work or study in Vietnam.
  • Full 18 years or older (by the date of the driving test), health, educational level as prescribed.
  • However, they must read and understand Vietnamese; because the theory test for all grades of driving license nationwide is in Vietnamese. At the same time; they need to have other conditions such as: being within the prescribed age range for each class of driving license (grades A1, B1, B2: 18 years or older; upgrade to C, D: 21 years old or more). ; upgrade to E class: from 25 years old) and have enough health.

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If you already have a license issued by a foreign country, what should you do if you want to change it to use it in Vietnam?

Procedures for changing driver’s licenses for foreigners in Vietnam are specified in the Circular No. 12/2017/TT-BGTVT dated April 15, 2017 of the Ministry of Transport – Regulations on training and testing. , road motor vehicle driving license. According to the circular in Clause 10, Article 33: “Foreigners or overseas Vietnamese who wish to drive in Vietnam, if they have a national driving license, they must carry out procedures to change to a similar driving license. response of Vietnam.

What are the procedures to prepare for foreigners to take the driving license test in Vietnam?

You need to make 01 set of documents to be submitted directly at the training institution, including:
Photocopies of passports, visas with a stay of more than 3 months.
Application for study and test to issue a driver’s license (made according to the form – distributed at the office)
Health certificate issued by a competent medical facility according to regulations. (check at the office when registering)
4 photos of 3×4 size with blue background.
Format of the test: Foreign students take the test in the same program as the Vietnamese – do the Theory test on the computer (16/20 questions with A1 grade and 18/20 with A2 grade). Practical part on manual or manual cars

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