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Process of making an environmental impact assessment report in Vietnam

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Basic knowledge of environmental impact assessment reports in Vietnam. Process of making an environmental impact assessment report in Vietnam. Let us learn about this topic with LSX law firm as follow:

Basic knowledge of environmental impact assessment reports

Investors, especially foreign investors must know General regulations on environmental protection in Vietnam and knowledge of environmental impact assessment reports.

The environmental impact assessment report is the analysis and forecast of the impact of an investment project on the environment; in order to take measures to protect the environment when implementing that project. The conditions for making a report are that the facility for the construction of the work and environmental protection measures are adequate and correct as stated in the approved environmental impact assessment report.

Environmental treatment works must comply with current standards. The preparation of an environmental impact assessment report is the basis for businesses to better know the status of their environmental quality; so that they can propose effective pollution reduction measures to achieve the prescribed environment.

Moreover, the results of environmental quality monitoring are the basis for the State management agency in charge of environmental protection to evaluate the environmental protection work of the company.

The important role of making an environmental impact assessment report

First, those responsible for making environmental impact assessment reports, including renovation projects; expanding, upgrading, and raising the capacity of the production, business and service establishments in operation; also projects of foreign investors approved environmental impact assessment report or registration; certifying the commitment to environmental protection or certifying the registration of meeting environmental standards; or approving and certifying the environmental protection project to the equivalent level.

Moreover, the environmental impact assessment report has an important role for businesses. This is an effective preventive environmental management tool; helping to choose a good plan so that when implementing a development project, it has a little negative impact on the environment.

In addition, it also helps managers improve the quality of decision-making; and also serves as a basis for comparison when there is an inspection of the project’s surroundings. Environmental impact assessment reports contribute to the sustainable development of businesses; encourage the planning process and save time and costs in long-term development.

Furthermore, Decree 40/2019/ND-CP also clarifies the authority to appraise environmental impact assessment reports. Accordingly, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment will organize the appraisal; and approval of the environmental impact assessment report of the project specified in the decree; except for projects under national and security secrets. 

Process of making an environmental impact assessment report

The environmental impact assessment report is the process of confirming the completion of environmental protection measures, so when making a report, businesses should follow the standard process:

Firstly, assess the current environmental status of the area around the project, survey the project’s environment, including conditions from geography – geology, natural environment – economy – society related to the project.

Secondly, identify possible sources of pollution such as exhaust gas, wastewater, solid waste, noise. Identify types of waste that may be generated before, during, and after the construction and operation of the project.

Thirdly, collect previously determined samples of exhaust gases, wastes, etc., and then analyze them in the laboratory.

Then, assess the impact of the above pollution sources on factors, resources, environment, society, and people around the project area.

After that, develop measures to reduce pollution in the project construction phase, environmental management measures in operation, and prevent environmental incidents.

Next, propose a plan for the treatment of wastewater, emissions, and a plan for solid waste collection and treatment from project activities.

In addition, consult with the People’s Committee of the ward where the project is to be implemented.

Additionally, to develop an environmental monitoring and management program, environmental treatment works must ensure compliance with current standards.

Finally, submit to the competent authority to appraise and approve the environmental impact assessment report.

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What is an environmental license in Vietnam?

Environmental permit – a document issued by a competent state management agency; permit project owners, production and business establishments to operate all or part of the project works; production and business establishments with specific requirements and conditions for environmental protection when the project owner; production and business establishments that fully satisfy the conditions prescribed by law. 

What does environmental protection mean?

Environmental protection means activities organized for the purpose of keeping the environment clean and beautiful; helping balance the ecological system and improve the living environment of organisms in general and humans in particular through the work to prevent; and overcome the bad consequences caused by geniuses and humans.

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