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Registration of establishment of a partnership in Vietnam

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Law on enterprises 2020

Decree No. 01/2021/ND-CP

Circular No. 01/2021/TT-BKHDT

Application for registration of a partnership in Vietnam

  • Application form for enterprise registration.
  • Then, the company’s charter.
  • List of general partners.
  • Copies of the following documents:

a) Firstly, legal documents of general partners that are individuals; Legal documents of general partners that are organizations; Legal documents of authorized representatives and letters of appointment of authorized representatives.

If a general partner is a foreign organization, copies of legal documents of that organization must be legalized;

b) Secondly, Investment registration certificate if the enterprise is founded or co-founded by foreign investors or foreign-invested business entities in accordance with the Law on Investment and its guiding documents.

Registration of establishment of a partnership in Vietnam

Register a partnership with the following contents:

The enterprise establishment status falls under one of the following cases

  • New establishment
  • Then, Establishment on the basis of: business consolidation; transformation of enterprise type; conversion from household business; conversion from a social protection/social fund/charity fund.

Company names include

  • Company name written in Vietnamese and foreign language
  • Then, abbreviated company name

Head office address needs to fill in information

  • Number of houses, niches, alleys, alleys, streets / nests / hamlets / hamlets
  • Then, Commune/Ward/Town
  • County/District/Town/Provincial City
  • Then Province/City
  • Phone
  • Then, Fax (if any)
  • Email (if any)
  • Website (if any)

Line of business (insert name and code according to the level 4 industry in the Economic System of Vietnam)

Authorized capital

You can also refer to the article about the issue of withdrawing capital from a partnership in Vietnam, conditions on foreign investment capital in Vietnam or Investment Registration Certificate Renewal Service in Vietnam.

Other information

  • Charter capital
  • Then, Company member
  • Then Tax registration information
  • Register to use invoices
  • Then, Information about: paying social insurance; merged, transformed businesses; the converted business household; the social protection establishment/social fund/charity to be converted.

Related questions

Consequences after withdrawing capital?

For general partners: Withdrawal of capital will terminate that person’s status as a general partner. Within 2 years from the date of termination of the general partnership membership. That person is still jointly liable with all his assets for the debts of the company that arose before the date of termination of the membership.
For capital-contributing members: The transfer of all contributed capital will also lose the status of capital-contributing members.
For companies: The partnership company will have to carry out registration procedures to change business contents. The company will have to register for a change in charter capital. At the same time, you must also register to change members.

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