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Regulations on visa extension for foreigners in Vietnam

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Visa is a document that determines whether a foreigner can legally live and work in another country. However, visas are usually granted for a limited time only. Therefore, when foreigners have expired the stay period granted on the visa to continue to stay legally in the host country, they must extend the visa. Due to the current Covid-19 situation, the demand for visa extension of foreigners in Vietnam is increasing rapidly. So, today Lawyer X will share with everyone the regulations on visa extension for foreigners in Vietnam through the following article:

Types of visas to be extended

Currently, there are many types of Vietnam visa being extended, including:

Business visas include categories such as work visas, investment visas, and business visas. Applicable to foreign workers, businesses and organizations wishing to increase their working time, invest in business in Vietnam.

Tourist visa is a type of visa issued to tourists wishing to visit Vietnam for sightseeing and tourism (including the case of visa exemption in Vietnam).

Electronic visa (e-visa) is a type of visa issued online by the Immigration Department, valid for 30 days for foreigners to enter Vietnam once (01) for tourism purposes.

Investment Visa: is a type of visa granted to foreign investors or representatives of foreign enterprises investing in Vietnam.

Work visa is a visa issued to foreigners to work in Vietnam. This visa is renewable for up to 1 year.

Relative visit visa: is a visa issued to:

Foreigners whose father or mother is a Vietnamese citizen

Foreigners with temporary or permanent residence cards in Vietnam can sponsor their grandparents, fathers, mothers, spouses and children under 18 years of age to visit.

Foreigners with temporary residence cards may sponsor their spouses and children under 18 years of age to come to Vietnam to live with them during the duration of their temporary residence cards if they are so agreed by the inviting or guaranteeing agency or organization.

In addition, other types of visitor visas such as DH visa, PV visa, .. can also be extended on a case-by-case basis.

Regulations on visa extension for foreigners in the COVID season

From June 2020, Vietnam began to apply the provisions on “Automatic extension of temporary residence” for:

Foreigners who entered the country on a visa-free basis, entered with an electronic visa or a tourist visa from March 1, 2020; or Foreigners who entered the country before March 1, 2020 if they can prove that they are trapped due to the Covid-19 epidemic, certified by the diplomatic mission by a diplomatic note (with Vietnamese translation) or certified in writing of Vietnamese competent authorities regarding isolation and treatment Covid-19 or other force majeure reasons…

This policy is announced by the Vietnam Immigration Department on a monthly basis, and is currently valid until December 31, 2021.

Foreigners during the period of “automatic extension of temporary residence” must declare their temporary residence and make medical declarations according to regulations.

Therefore, foreigners in the above categories do not need to prepare documents or carry out procedures to extend Vietnam visa to the specified time limit.

Dossier for visa extension for foreigners in Vietnam

Dossier for extension of tourist visa for foreigners in Vietnam includes the following documents:

Original passport of the applicant for visa extension

Application form for Vietnam visa extension (Form NA5).

In the case of a business visa, applicants for visa extension also need to prepare:

Legal profile of the guarantor

Labor contract and temporary residence certificate issued by local police (for employees)

Investment certificate and employee introduction letter (for business owners)

For Vietnam investment visa extension, the required documents:

Certified copy of Business License/Investment License.

The certificate of seal sample registration or the Notice of publication of information about the enterprise’s seal sample on the national enterprise registration portal; and Form NA16 Registration form of seal and signature of the legal representative of the organization operating in Vietnam. There is no need to submit these 2 items if the business has submitted it once at the Immigration Department.

Form NA5 Application form for visa, visa, visa extension, extension of temporary residence for foreigners in Vietnam

The validity of the original passport is still in accordance with the law

Registration form for temporary residence as prescribed.

Dossier to apply for Vietnam work visa extension include:

The original passport of the foreigner is still valid

Application form for visa, extension of temporary residence according to form NA5.

Work permit or work permit exemption.

Certificate of temporary residence of the local police where the foreigner temporarily resides in Vietnam.

Employee referral letter to apply.

Dossier to apply for visa extension to visit relatives in Vietnam include:

The passport of the foreigner is still valid;

An application form for visa extension or temporary residence extension, made according to form NA5, fully filled in and certified by the local police where the foreigner temporarily resides or the sponsoring enterprise.

Certificate of temporary residence of the local police where the foreigner temporarily resides.

In case a foreigner is a spouse or child under 18 years of age of a foreigner working in Vietnam, additionally provide:

Legal profile of the guarantee company where the foreigners work in Vietnam: Business license; investment certificate or representative office establishment certificate;

Passport, valid temporary residence card/visa and work permit of the main employee in Vietnam.

Documents proving the relationship between foreigners and Vietnamese citizens: Marriage certificate; birth certificate…

In case a foreigner is a spouse or child of a Vietnamese citizen for the purpose of visiting relatives, additionally provide:

Identity papers of relatives who are Vietnamese citizens;

Documents proving the relationship between foreigners and Vietnamese citizens: Marriage certificate; birth certificate…
In general, the application for visa extension in Vietnam is not too complicated.

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Where to apply for visa extension for foreigners?

To apply for visa extension for foreigners, you can go to one of the following addresses:

Immigration Department in Hanoi: 44 – 46 Tran Phu Street, Ba Dinh District.

Immigration Department in Ho Chi Minh: 333-335-337 Nguyen Trai Street, Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward, District 1.

Immigration Department in Da Nang: 7 Tran Quy Cap
Immigration management office of the police in provinces and cities.

Procedures for extending Vietnam visa for foreigners

After preparing all the documents, the person wishing to extend the visa should bring one of the above addresses to submit. Here, the application-receiving officer will check the required documents. If missing, the receiving officer will guide the applicant to supplement the application. If all documents are complete, the application will be accepted for processing. After the application is received, the applicant for visa extension will be issued an appointment letter.

The application will then be reviewed by the competent authority. The processing time at the Immigration Department is from 7-10 days. If the application is satisfactory, the results will be returned to the applicant on the date stated in the appointment letter.

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Frequently asked questions

Vietnam visa extension fee

To determine the fee for a Vietnam visa extension, many factors need to be considered. Fees will vary from case to case; as well as your application for an extension directly at the competent authority; or apply for an extension through a Vietnam visa extension service provider.

Which cases are foreigners prioritized for visa to enter Vietnam during the Covid 19 epidemic?

– Foreigners holding diplomatic or official passports
– Foreigners are investors
– Foreigners are highly skilled people, experts
– Foreigners are business managers
– Cases of foreigners entering the same body
– Students, international students study at schools in the education system of Vietnam.

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