Requirements pertaining to residential architecture in Vietnam

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What are the principles of housing architecture in Vietnam? LSX Lawfirm will give you an article about: “Requirements pertaining to residential architecture in Vietnam”, as follows:

Law on Housing 2014

Law on Architecture 2019

Some difinitions about residential architecture in Vietnam

Accordingly, Homeowner means any organization, household, or individual having legitimate housing through investment in housing construction, purchase, lease purchase; then receipt of gift, receipt of inheritance, receipt of capital contribution, or exchange and other transactions prescribed in this Law and corresponding regulations of law.

Then, Apartment owner means the owner of an apartment or the owner of other areas in an apartment building.

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Requirements pertaining to residential architecture in Vietnam

Firstly, the residential architecture must conform to requirements pertaining to natural condition, disaster response, scientific and technical standards, historical and cultural traditions and specific planning for construction approved by the competent agency.

Secondly, the residential architecture in an urban area must meet requirements pertaining to harmonious combination between renovation and new constructions, separate housing and overall architecture of the urban area, or urban design and regulations on management of architecture planning.

Thirdly, the residential architecture in a rural area must meet requirements pertaining to harmonious combination with natural landscape and custom, business condition of households and individuals and ethnic groups in every region.

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Types of housing and standard areas of commercial housing?

The investor shall decide types of housing, standard areas of every commercial housing provided that they conform to specific construction planning, standards of residential construction and architecture, and the approval for residential construction policies granted by the competent agency.
Apartments must have a closed designed and floor areas conformable with construction standards and regulations.
Separate housing must be built in accordance with construction planning, approved designs, and construction standards & regulations. So, it related to “Requirements pertaining to residential architecture in Vietnam”.

Requirements pertaining to development of housing of households and individuals in rural areas?

It required to conform to planning for building community groups, connect to the technical infrastructure of residential areas and ensure the requirements relating to hygiene and environment.
The housing constructed or renovated in combination with the preservation of architecture of traditional housing and in conformity with custom and condition of each area or region.
The households and individuals are only entitled to build housing on their lawful pieces of residential land.
With regard to the construction of project-based housing, it must conform to the approved specific planning of the project. With regard to any area which is required the License for, the design documents must conform to the content of the License for construction or the approved design documents.

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