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Service for confirming marital status and singleness in Vietnam

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The service of applying for single confirmation, confirming marital status is a useful solution to serve customers wishing to get married; Go abroad, or buy and sell real estate… Please refer to the article to learn more about this service of  Lawyer X.

Hello Lawyer, I am currently in need of a bank loan to buy a house. However, my wife and I are divorced, so the bank officer requested a certificate of single relationship status. Because time and work do not allow. So I would like to ask a lawyer to assist with the marital status verification service. Hoping for a response.

So, based on your request,  Civil Lawyer Service Department Lawyer X would like to respond as follows:

Legal grounds

Decree 123/2015/ND-CP

What is a certificate of single status?

So, a certificate of single status; is a document determining the status of a married individual; or unmarried, or divorced; deceased spouse; is one of the important documents in many legal procedures (such as marriage registration; land purchase and sale; going to work abroad…); is a document issued by the People’s Committee of the commune, ward or township where the requester permanently resides.

Procedures for applying for certification of singleness, confirmation of marital status

Why is a certificate of single status important?

Not only in matters of marriage registration; where a single certificate is a mandatory document when performing many different procedures, including:

  • Bank loans;
  • Registration, transfer of the name to buy and sell vehicles, real estate;
  • Guarantee or consular procedures for foreign immigration;
  • And other cases.

The confirmation of the relationship status understands as the correct confirmation once again of the marital relationship status of this person. Aim to prove the documents provided are real. In addition, when a person divorced or single and needs to buy a house, a car, or get a loan. Then verify the single status to be able to stand independently and be responsible for the commitment obligation.

For example:  If you get a loan from a bank when you married, this loan is a joint obligation of both of you. Both are responsible for repaying it, so if you need the consent of the parties, you can borrow it. When you’re single, you get to decide everything, but you have to prove your relationship status is single.

Dossier to confirm marital status when telling marriage

For each type of determination of the marriage relationship, there will be different requirements for the composition of the profile. In my experience, I found that the certification of marriage registration includes the most components. Specifically, when getting married, the two parties need to ensure the conditions Under Article 10 of Decree 123/2015/ND-CP. Consists of:

  • Identity card, passport, citizen identification card, or other documents with your photo on them. Note, these types of documents must be still in use;
  • Identity card, passport, citizen identification card, or other papers with a photo of the other party. Note, these types of documents must be still in use;
  • Information about the locality where marriage registration is planned;
  • Certificate of marital status in other localities that have previously resided.

So, the certificate of relationship status will be simpler when the citizen only lives and gets married in a single locality. However, in reality, today, the relocation of accommodation, work, and study places takes place a lot; and when returning to the locality to re-certify single will be more difficult than ever.

Procedure to confirm relationship status

Step 1:  Citizens need to prepare an ID card and household registration book for the Commune People’s Committee. For major cities today, there will be public service portals to support citizens without having to travel. However, according to personal experience, this utility has not worked effectively;

Step 2:  Citizens ask for a form of declaration form “confirming relationship status” at the People’s Committee and complete it. Besides, if the citizen married or divorced, it is necessary to present the judgment or decision of the Court;

Step 3:  Within 3 working days from the date of receipt of complete and valid documents. People’s Committees of communes and wards will confirm and issue certificates of relationship status to citizens.

Service to confirm singleness, confirm marital relationship status

Advantages from the service of Lawyer X

Lawyer X is a professional unit that handles all requests regarding relationship status determination; single status in all local quality. Subjects of customers suitable for the single certification service:

  • Customers do not have time, want to find a representative lawyer to carry out the procedure;
  • Customers have complex residences, have moved to many localities;
  • The customer has an error in the name in the household registration book, and identity cards cause difficulties in certification;
  • The customer has mistaken personal information in the court’s divorce judgment or decision;
  • Customers lost documents, lost judgments, divorce decisions of the court, etc.

Why should you come to LSX

  • Lawyer X is a professional unit providing legal services, clients do not need to travel; no waiting time, the right day to get the result;
  • Prestige when implementing procedures, commitment to results for customers;
  • Free consultation and answer questions from customers on legal issues related to birth certificate extraction procedures;
  • Always enthusiastic, hospitable, ready to comprehensively support legal issues for clients;
  • Competitive and reasonable service prices;
  • Only once to sign the application and wait for the results.

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Frequently asked questions

How long is the validity of the certificate of marital status, single status?

The certificate of marital status is valid for 6 months from the date of issue. The certificate of marital status is not valid when used for purposes other than those stated in the Certificate.

If I lose my marriage certificate, can I get it back?

So, In case the certificate of marital status is lost, the citizen will apply for a re-issue because of the loss and will have a written commitment to prove that the person who requested the re-issuance of the certificate of marital status lost the certificate of marital status. The old marital status has been lost to the commune-level People’s Committee to request the re-issuance of the certificate of marital status.

In which case is the single status confirmed?

Confirmation of single status is used in some of the following cases:
1. Confirm single status for marriage registration
2. Confirming single status to buy and sell houses and land
3. Confirm single status to divide assets, sell cars, etc.

Contact information for Lawyer X

Finally, hope this article is useful for you to answer the question about: “Service for confirming marital status and singleness in Vietnam“. If you need any further information, please contact  LSX Law firm+84846175333 or Email: [email protected].

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