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Service to look up planning information quickly in Vietnam

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Important content and need to be noted before making transactions related to land is planning information. To know the status of the land, it is necessary to conduct a search at the competent authority or on the website. This helps owners who are related to land to know if their land is under planning or not? Thanks to that, the buyer makes a decision whether to buy or not? The seller also has the right choice for his or her own land area. Let’s find out how the quick planning information lookup service in Vietnam is conducted through the following article. LSX Lawfirm will give you an article about: “Service to look up planning information quickly in Vietnam”, as follows:

Law on Access to Information 2016;
Land Law 2013;
Housing Law 2014;

Why look up land planning?

For sellers: To ensure that land information is accurate; Check the value of the land you intend to buy. Especially when buying land for investment, it is very important to look up planning information. Grasp the projects that are ready deployed when the land with a special location becomes many times more valuable.

For buyers: avoid deceived into buying low-value land by mistake. The step of checking planning information to ensure that the information provided by the seller is legally correct. Liability cheated in land transactions.

Therefore, before carrying out a land transaction, if the buyer does not search for information, he will not be able to clearly grasp the information about that land; vulnerable to scammers to buy cheap land or buy houses built illegally on planned land; buying land located in the planning area leads to loss.etc, This problem often happens to first-time land buyers.

Instructions on how to look up land planning

Method 1: Look up land information directly at the People’s Committee

So, people can go to the People’s Committees of communes, wards and townships to meet with officials in charge of the area’s cadastral services to ask for the planning in the area. This method is suitable for land transactions between people in the same area, which requires ingenuity in communication.

However, there are some disadvantages such as: This type of information is at the micro and lowest level, only encapsulated in the area managed by the commune, sometimes some cadastral officials will not provide information because of the influence to the current status of land transactions in the area causing difficulties in state management. (for example: Land in the planning of public works will have a sell-off phenomenon; urban planning land will be affected by land fever.etc,)

Method 2: Look up information directly at the Land Registration Office

People can go directly to the Land Registration Office where the land plot is located to apply for an extract of information. However, this method will be suitable when the land owner agrees to go with the authorities because without the consent of the real estate owner, the buyer cannot get information about this land.

This method will take more time. Because of the need to carry out administrative procedures and need the cooperation of the seller. If the seller intends to withhold information; If you don’t cooperate, it will be difficult to look up.

Method 3: Look up information on land planning online

So, in the current 4.0 era, it is not uncommon to sit at home and look up information. It is very easy for people to carry out administrative procedures through the national public service portal. Especially; in the context of complicated developments of the covid-19 epidemic; People can completely look up planning information online quickly and conveniently by accessing the website as follows:

So, Look up planning information online in Hanoi:
Look up urban planning information online. Ho Chi Minh City:
Then Look up planning information online in Da Nang:

Related questions

How to know the land is in the planning?

– Check the planning based on information on the red book (certificate of land use rights) or pink book (certificate of land use rights and assets attached to the land).
– Ask local real estate and service companies to check the planning.
– Learn about land planning at competent state agencies

Should I buy land in the planning?

Whether to buy land in the planning no longer depends on the purpose; conditions of each person. For example, if the purpose of buying land is determined to be for a stable and long-term living; that this land is in the planning to make roads; or other types of planning not to build housing; should not be purchased to avoid being recalled during use.

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