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Visas for foreigners living in Vietnam

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Law on entry, exit, transit and residence of foreigners in Vietnam 2019

General overview of visas for foreigners living in Vietnam

What documents do foreigners living in Vietnam need is an issue that many people are concerned about today. Because Vietnam is one of the countries that attracts foreign tourists not only because of its natural beauty and culture imbued with national identity; but also because of its favorable and stable investment environment. The number of foreign tourists entering Vietnam is increasing day by day.

However, recently, the Covid 19 epidemic is breaking out strongly in the territory of Vietnam; leading to stricter control over the entry, living and working of foreigners in Vietnam.

What documents do foreigners need when entering; living and working in Vietnam considered to enter and reside legally in Vietnam? One of the indispensable documents is the visa.

Visas for foreigners living in Vietnam

What is a visa?

Accordingly, this is a type of document issued by a competent Vietnamese agency, allowing foreigners to enter Vietnam. Currently, visas so issued to foreigners by the competent authority of Vietnam in the form of: passport; separate or through electronic transactions (e-visa), valid for one time or many times.

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Who is granted a visa?

From the above definition, it seen that most foreigners entering Vietnam must present a visa issued by a competent authority in Vietnam. Each foreigner entering Vietnam granted a visa with different symbols; of which the most common are visas with the following symbols:


  • Firstly Who are members of guest delegations of high-ranking state agencies; diplomatic missions of countries and international organizations in Vietnam – Visa symbol: NG1, NG2, NG3, NG4.
  • Secondly Who enter and work at high-ranking state agencies, socio-political organizations, social organizations, and the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Visa symbol: LV1, LV2.
  • Then Foreigners are investors in Vietnam – Visa symbol: ĐT1, ĐT2, ĐT3, ĐT4
  • Then, Foreigners who are managers of representative offices, branches and projects of economic organizations, international organizations or non-governmental organizations in Vietnam – Visa symbol: NN1, NN2, NN3.

Foreign workers – Visa symbol: LĐ1, LĐ2

So Foreigners enter Vietnam to study, travel, etc. – Visa symbol: DH, DL, HN, etc.

Then Foreigners who are relatives of people who granted visas or enter Vietnam to visit relatives – Visa symbol: TT, VR

You can also look for details about each type of visa; you can refer to Article 8 of the Law on entry, exit, transit and residence of foreigners in Vietnam 2019.

Related questions

If I have permanent residence cards, can I belong case of visa-free entry?

Yes, if you have permanent residence cards, you belong case of visa-free-entry in accordance the Law provisions.

If I am American and my wife is Vietnamese, can I belong case of visa-free entry?

Yes, the law provided that foreigners being spouses and children of Vietnamese citizens shall be granted visa-free entry as prescribed by the government.

Which agency has the authority to issue visas in Vietnam?

According to the law, foreigners, depending on each case, can apply for a Vietnam visa at one of the following agencies in Vietnam:
Administration of Immigration.
Immigration management office of provincial and city police. 

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