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What to do if you lose your single certificate in Vietnam?

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Losing the certificate of singleness, relationship status is very common. The loss of this document entails many consequences when citizens face difficulties in continuing to apply for a grant. What to do in a case like this? Let’s find out with Lawyer X the contents surrounding this issue.

Legal grounds

Civil Status Law 2014.

Circular 04/2020/TT-BTP.

Content of consultation

In what cases can you use the single certificate?

Confirmation of marital status can understand as an individual’s commitment to his or her marital status: single, divorced, married… when he wants to perform a transaction or a certain procedure such as: Marriage registration, bank loan mortgage…

In cases where the personal relationship must determine; when wanting to confirm the joint obligations between the wife; husband in the transaction … then in order to facilitate the management of the competent state agency, it is very necessary to apply for a certificate of marital status.

Cases of loss of single certificate status

Some cases of losing the certificate of singleness as:

  • Apply for confirmation of being single to get wedding in a foreign country but then do not use it, lose it;
  • Please confirm that you are single but not married;
  • Applicant to be single but lost;
  • The single certificate has expired;

When there is no original certificate of singleness, it will be very easy to refuse to re-issue because there is no guarantee that the citizen has not used this document for the purpose that has been previously applied.

Procedure to apply for certification of singleness when losing

Documents to prepare

In theory; Applying for a certificate of singleness will require citizens to present the following documents:

  • Identity card/citizen identification/passport;
  • Household registration book;
  • Other documents…

Those who separated or moved their permanent residence to many places need to apply for certification in all the localities where they have lived.

Besides; for complicated cases such as losing the certificate of singleness that previously applied for, the Ministry of Justice has now guided in Circular 04/2020/TT-BTP; at article 12 as follows:

  • In case the person who requests for re-issuance of the Certificate of marital status to get wedding fails to return the previously issued Certificate of marital status; the requester must clearly state the reason for not being able to return the certificate of marital status.
  • Within 03 working days from the date of receiving the application; the civil status registration agency shall have a written exchange with the previous place of marriage registration for verification.
  • Cases cannot be verified; verification results are not received; then the civil status registration agency allows the requester to make a written commitment about the marital status as prescribed in Articles 4 and 5 of this Circular.

Steps to take

Step 1: Return to the commune; the ward where you have applied for confirmation and presented the circumstances

Step 2: Commune judicial officer confirms the request and goes to the place of previous marriage plan for verification.

Step 3: If verification is not possible, the officer requests to make a written statement of marital status and issue a new certification.

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Frequently asked questions

How long is a certificate of single status valid?

According to the provisions of Article 23 Decree 123/2015 ND-CP, the certificate of marital status is valid for 6 months from the date of issue.
This paper is used at the competent authorities of Vietnam; of foreign countries to get married; used for other purposes. Accordingly, if the purpose of use is different from the purpose stated in the Paper, this Paper is not valid.

Authority to issue a certificate of marital status?

Article 21 of Decree 123/2015/ND-CP stipulates and has the authority to grant:
– Commune-level People’s Committee, place of permanent residence of Vietnamese citizens
– Commune People’s Committee; the place where he/she registers his/her temporary residence if the Vietnamese citizen does not have a registered place of permanent residence but registers his/her temporary residence in accordance with the provisions of law.
Besides; If foreign citizens and stateless people reside in Vietnam so request, the two agencies above are also competent to issue certification of marital status.
According to the regulations on authorization of civil status registration, the person requesting the grant of a copy or for registration of civil status may authorize another person to perform on his/her behalf, except for the following cases:
– Marriage registration
– Re-register the marriage
– Register to receive father, mother, child
Thus, the application for confirmation of marital status can be authorized; Ask someone else to do the work instead.

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