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Fast Divorce service with Vietnamese people

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A Foreigner getting a divorce with a Vietnamese is not a new thing. LSX would like to introduce our Fast Divorce service with Vietnamese people to support customers in need. Let’s find out in this article with LSX Law firm.


LSX is the leading fast divorce service provider in Vietnam. With our knowledge and experience, our services will surely make even the most demanding customers satisfied.

It must be frankly admitted that a divorce with foreign elements is always much more complicated than divorce when two people have the same Vietnamese nationality. 

The file for divorce with Vietnamese people includes:

  • Divorce application;
  • Marriage registration certificate;
  • ID card and household registration;
  • Birth certificates of children;
  • Other documents and evidence evidencing common property such as: GCNQSDĐ (red book); Vehicle registration; Passbook etc.

For divorce proceedings with foreign elements, the jurisdiction to settle the case will belong to the court 1 level higher than usual (here is the People’s Court of the Province, City). The specific steps to carry out divorce procedures with Vietnamese are as follows:

  • Step 1: Submit a petition for divorce at a competent People’s Court;
  • Then, Step 2: Pay the court fee advance
  • Step 3: Submit the court fee receipt and follow the notice of the people’s court

Surely you are paying great attention to the time it takes to settle a divorce case. As complicated as this, the settlement time will depend on many factors:

  • Lasts from 4 to 24 months, depending on each specific case
  • One thing to note, that is different from a divorce with a Vietnamese person. Normally, a divorce with a foreigner will be in a court 1 level higher, usually the Court of the province/city directly under the central government. It is
  • easy to see that the procedures and documents are very complicated, if you do it yourself. It will take time and effort. Especially once the divorce, you are in the mood x, disheveled, will certainly significantly affected the life and your spirit

Fast Divorce service with Vietnamese people

What can LSX Law Firm offer you?

  • To have the information and overview, the lawyer will be the one willing to listen, share and sympathize with your divorce decision. At the same time can provide all legal knowledge about the case to help you answer all relevant legal questions;
  • Next, the lawyer will consult and evaluate the grounds for determining the marital status and the conditions for divorce for your case 
  • The lawyer will proceed to draft the divorce file in the most complete, most rigorous way, best suited to your situation, based on the facts and information you provide;
  • The lawyer will contact the Court on your behalf to perform the tasks of handing over documents, communicating with the court, guiding you to work and accompanying you in mediation sessions.

Why use LSX’s Fast Divorce service with Vietnamese people?

  • Save a lot of time and effort with the Fast Divorce Service for foreigners, reduce dozens of “visits” to the court, even even diplomatic missions and countless troublesome procedures;
  • No longer being scrutinized with private questions about marital status, causes of conflicts, and so on.
  • For us, divorce is quick and easy because in fact, in this relationship, feelings are no longer unique. Your interests should and should be put first.

Finally, hope this article is useful for you to know more about: Fast Divorce service with Vietnamese people. If you need any further information, please contact  LSX Law firm+84846175333 or Email: [email protected]

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