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Prohibited acts in Vietnam construction activities

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Law on construction law 2014

What means of construction investment activity?

Construction investment activity is the process of carrying out construction activities including new construction, repair and renovation of construction works.

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Issuing construction permits for foreign contractors

Basic principles of construction investment activities in Vietnam

Prohibited acts in Vietnam construction activities


Decide on construction investment in contravention of the Construction law.


Start construction when the conditions therefor prescribed in the Construction Law are not fully met.

Thirdly, about Prohibited acts in Vietnam construction activities

Construct works in:

  • Non-construction zones
  • Encroachment upon the protection corridors of national defense, security, traffic or irrigation works, dykes, energy facilities, historical-cultural relic areas and protection zones of other works prescribed by law
  • Areas prone to landslide, sweeping flood or flash flood, except works built to overcome these phenomena.

Then, construct works at variance with construction master plan, except cases with construction permits with a definite term; in encroachment of construction boundaries or construction levels; constructing works at variance with granted construction permits.

Then, Formulate, appraising and approving designs and cost estimates of construction works using public investment funds, non-public investment state funds in contravention of the Law.


  • Participating in construction activities when failing to fully satisfy the capacity conditions for carrying out construction activities.
  • Project owners selecting contractors that fail to fully meet the capacity conditions for conducting construction activities.

Constructing works not in compliance with the selected standards and technical regulations to be applied to works.

Finally, about Prohibited acts in Vietnam construction activities

Manufacture and use building materials which cause harms to community health and environment.

Then, violate regulations on labor safety and assets, fire and explosion prevention and fighting, security, order and environmental protection in construction.

Then, use works against their purposes and utility; building annexes or lean-tos encroaching upon areas and spaces lawfully managed or used by other organizations or individuals or upon public areas and common-use areas.

Give and take bribe in construction investment activities; abusing other legal persons to participate in construction activities; committing manipulation and collusion to falsify the results of project formulation, surveys, designs or supervision of construction.

Then, abuse positions and powers to violate the law on construction; covering up and handling late acts in violation the law on construction.

Obstructe lawful construction investment activities.

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Construction investment activities means?

So, Construction investment activities means a process of conducting construction activities including construction, repair and renovation of a construction work.

The insurer is not liable?

The insurer is not liable for the following losses:
-Arising from willful acts;
-Then, be not incidental;
-Cannot be quantified in monetary terms;
Catastrophic damage;
Loss arising in the event that the policyholder does not have an insurable interest. It related to “Encouragement policies in construction investment activities in Vietnam”.

Construction investment project means?

So, construction investment project means a collection of proposals concerning use of funds for construction, repair or renovation of a construction work with a view to developing, maintaining and raising the quality of the work or product or service within a given duration at specified costs. At the stage of investment construction project preparation, the project shall be demonstrated through the construction investment pre-feasibility study report, the construction investment feasibility study report or construction investment economic-technical report.

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