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Purpose of land use foreigners need to know in Vietnam

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Land law 2013

Purpose of land use means?

Land use purpose is the way in which the State classifies land and requires managers to comply with regulations when allocating land, leasing land, granting land use right certificates, etc., land users. have the obligation to use the assigned land for the right purposes stated in the land allocation or land lease decision.

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Land use master plan foreigner need to know in Vietnam

Land classification to purpose of land use

Firstly, agricultural land

a/ Land for cultivation of annual crops, including paddy land and land for cultivation of other annual crops;

b/ Land for cultivation of perennial trees;

c/ Land for production forests;

d/ Land for protection forests;

e/ Land for special-use forests;

f/ Land for aquaculture;

g/ Land for salt production;

h/ Other agricultural land, including land used to build greenhouses and other building types for cultivation purpose, including fanning not directly on the land, or to build breeding facilities for cattle, poultry and other animals as permitted by law; land for cultivation, breeding and aquaculture for the purpose of learning, research or experimentation; land for planting and nursing seedlings and breeders, and land for growing flowers and ornamental plants.

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Secondly, non-agricultural land

a/ Residential land, including rural residential land and urban residential land;

b/ Land for construction of offices

c/ Land for national defense or security purpose

d/ Land for construction of non-business facilities

e/ Land for non-agricultural production and business

f/ Land used for public purposes

g/ Land used by religious institutions

h/ Land used for cemeteries, graveyards, funeral service centers and cremation centers; i/ Land with rivers, streams, canals, springs and special-use water surface

k/ Other non-agricultural land, including land for motels, tents and camps for workers in production establishments; land for warehouses and houses to store agricultural products, plant protection drugs, fertilizers, machinery and tools for agricultural use, and land for other buildings of land users which are used for non-commercial purposes and not attached to residential land.

It related to purpose of land use foreigners need to know in Vietnam .

Thirdly, unused land, including land of types for which land use purposes have not been determined yet.

Bases for determining land types

The determination of a land type must be based on the following:

  1. The certificate of land use rights, or certificate of house ownership and residential land use rights which is granted before December 10, 2009; and the certificate of land use rights and ownership of houses and other land-attached assets.
  2. Papers on land use rights prescribed in Clauses 1, 2 and 3, Article 100 of Land Law 2013, for the cases in which the certificates mentioned in Clause 1 of this Article have not been granted.
  3. Decisions on land allocation, land lease or permission for change of land use purpose issued by competent state agencies, for the cases in which the certificates have not been granted.

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What means of land parcel?

So, Land parcel means a land area delimited by boundaries determined in the field or described in records.

What means of land use plan?

So, Land use plan means the division of a land use master plan according to periods of time for implementation; during the period of the land use master plan. It related to purpose of land use foreigners need to know in Vietnam

What means of land use master?

So, Land use master plan means the distribution; and zoning of land by use space to serve the objectives of socio-economic development; national defense; security; environmental protection and climate change adaptation; based on the land potential and land use demands of all sectors and fields; for each socio-economic region or administrative unit in a given period of time. It related to purpose of land use foreigners need to know in Vietnam.

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