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Types and grades of construction works in Vietnam

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The construction law 2014

Types and grades of construction works in Vietnam


Types of construction works that structural characteristics and functions of construction works determined.

Accordingly, products that make up of human labor, construction materials, equipment installed in the works, linked and positioned with the ground, which may include the underground part, the above ground part, the lower part. water surface, the part above the water, built according to the design.

Currently, construction works divided into different categories based on their use and classification of construction works, standards applied to each type of work.

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Basic principles of construction investment activities in Vietnam


 Grades of construction works determined for each type of construction works, including:

a) Firstly, Grades of construction works serving the management of construction investment activities as prescribed by this Law determine based on their sizes, importance and technical specifications, including special grade, grade I, grade II, grade III and grade IV, except for the case specified in Point b of this Clause.

b) Secondly, Grades of construction works serving the construction design are provided for in standards and technical regulations. Grades of construction works serving other management tasks shall be determined in accordance with relevant laws.

Purpose and meaning of classification of construction works in Vietnam

Classification, grouping or classification of works shows the economic and social importance of the works and the level of safety for people and property during the operation; exploitation and use of the works. The classification of works levels is important in the decentralization of construction quality management; including the following activities related to types and grades of construction works in Vietnam:

  • Managing the capacity classification of construction participants such as: whether or not level 4 works need a practicing certificate, level 1 works need a certificate of competence, etc.

  • Requirements on construction grade will have to make technical instructions and number of design steps such as: how many steps are designed for grade 1 and 2 works; civil engineering construction standard, etc.

  • Determining the responsibility of design appraisal and acceptance of specialized construction agencies.

  • Then, management of investment costs and construction contracts.

  • Determination of authority to issue construction permits.

  • Then, regulations on warranty period and management of construction maintenance work.

  • Regulations on classification of construction work incidents and competence to deal with construction work incidents.

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Construction of a work means?

So, construction of a work means the construction of, and installation of equipment for; a newly built, repaired; renovated, relocated, embellished or restored work; dismantlement of a work; warranty and maintenance of a construction work.

Basic design means?

So, Basic design means a design made in the construction investment feasibility study report; based on the selected design plan; demonstrating the principal technical parameters suitable to applied standards and technical regulations; which serves as a basis for proceeding with subsequent designing steps. So, it related to basic principles of construction investment activities in Vietnam. It related to types and grades of construction works in Vietnam.

Equipment installed in a work includes?

Equipment installed in a work includes work equipment and technological equipment. Work equipment means equipment installed in a construction work according to its construction design. Technological equipment means equipment included in the technological chain installed in a work according to its technological design.

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